My Fellow Patriots

It’s been an incredible first month of our campaign. My announcement for candidacy to run for State Representative gathered worldwide media attention. Freedom lovers like you are tired of the left’s agenda and the establishment RINO’s “Politics as usual.”

I’m not your typical candidate running for office. Like you, I’m a member of America’s working class. We love God, we appreciate the freedom we’ve been blessed with in Florida, we work hard to provide for our family, and we want limited Government involvement in our day to day lives. I’m not a career politician and I’m not a lawyer. I’m one of you! When I’m elected to the Florida State House, I’m gonna be your guy on the inside.

After 20 years of blood, sweat, and tears to make it to the top of the Professional Wrestling industry I was attacked by the liberal media. The fake news and the woke mob tried to have me canceled because I stood for God-honoring values. I spoke up in defense of the unborn child, victims of human trafficking, and our children that are being muzzled in the public school system. Now I’m hanging up the tights and picking up the sword of civic engagement to defend our God-given Rights in Florida. The Florida State Legislature is in desperate need of bold Christian Conservatives that will unapologetically stand for the Constitution and push back against the radical liberals that want to ruin our great state with progressive legislation.

Help us keep our conservative majority and elect grassroots Patriots. Will you help me Keep Florida Great?

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Please like and share my first campaign commercial video here

Thank you to all the Patriots and Abolitionists that were a part of such a special day!

Drake’s Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser and Birthday Celebration

Help me celebrate my 37th Birthday by joining us at Chianti’s in Sanford on Friday night September 10th at 6pm

685 Towne Center Blvd. 6:00pm

Speakers, fun, and a complimentary Italian Buffet

Please make donation checks of any amount (max $1000) to “Drake Wuertz Campaign”.

Visit for updates opportunities to volunteer.

Duty is ours, results are Gods

Drake Wuertz

The UNcanceled Champion of the People

Republican Candidate for Florida State Representative, District 30

530-710-6665 Personal Cell

Drake Wuertz Seminole County Republican Party Precint Committeeman and Sgt. at Arms 530-710-6665 (Cell) 407-637-5775 (Home) Joshua 1:9

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