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Add your voice and send a message to an entrenched Tallahassee-funded FAKE Republican David Smith TODAY!!


Although he claims to support the 2nd Amendment, Representative David Smith says HE IS NOT IN FAVOR of Constitutional Carry.

Our lawmakers wasted time passing a bill declaring Strawberry Shortcake as our official state desert, but would not address an issue as critical as the 2nd Amendment.

Because David Smith did not do his job, we the taxpayers are on the hook for an additional special session of the legislature to complete their unfinished business.

Governor DeSantis has stated he would like the legislature to pass Constitutional Carry during the Special Session this week.

Do you agree with Governor DeSantis that the 2nd Amendment is important enough to be addressed during this special session?

Do you agree that our state laws should protect Floridian’s constitutional rights?


Please make your voice heard by adding your name below and sending a clear message to Tallahassee-funded fake Republican David Smith that he should follow the leadership of Governor DeSantis and pass Constitutional Carry this week during the Special Session!


Constitutional Carry

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